It's you who cares about all that! I'm not you! I don't have any  of that!


me watching the newest episode of eternal summer


"My body was not ready for that"
me while watching episode 9 of eternal summer


rin & water
Free! S01E12 vs. S02E01


momotarou mikoshiba is the kind of little brother that cries for his older brother’s help whenever he’s in trouble

and that means seijuro is the type of big brother that puts the band-aid on the bruise and sings his brother to sleep and supports him 1000%

Anonymous asked: Wow. I started watching Free! because of your amazing artwork (both the night swimming and the one of them underwater), and I didn't realize yet that Makoto and Haru are best friends. The first episode kind of made me think that Haru thought of Mako as a bother, but then shit happened (aka episodes 5 onwards) and I was drawn in completely. When did you first start shipping them?


hehe that almost-kissing resque scene, right? it was all like

though i’ve started shipping them really in the 2d season :) in the 1 season i payed more attention to rin, who was suffering all alone and needed haru badly. but more than i love heroes who were once smiley and positive and then turned to lonely and angsty, i love only characters who continue to act like it’s all ok while feeling broken inside. that’s why i have a little crush on makoto in the 2d season, when creators finally decided to tell more about his personality, feelings about future and their friendship background. (still i want’s never enough actually haha). and another reason why i kinda switched from harurin to makoharu is makoto’s silent acceptance of any choice haru would make no matter how it hurts him. whereas rin can come and go, being self-sufficient and acting on his own, makoto is always by his boyfriend’s side, even if he understands he is being left behind
even not talking about yaoi, such loyal friendship is beautiful


The moment where many people watching thought ‘Called it!’ and that thought was immediately followed with ‘Wish I hadn’t because holy fucking shit that hurts so bad and not in a good way’…or that may have just been me. 



Matsuoka Siblings